Our mission at Brandywine Total Health Care is simply to serve you. We provide excellent chiropractic care to help our patients reach and exceed their health goals. We assess the patient as a whole. We want to address the main concern, but also lead you into a lifestyle of being pain free. We do all of this by offering an evidence-based approach to chiropractic care by utilizing chiropractic manipulation, soft-tissue techniques, therapeutic rehabilitation, and a variety of chiropractic services to help achieve your health goals.

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Dr. Donald F. Feeney, DC, DACBN, CCN, LD/N

Dr. Donald Feeney, DC, DACBN, CCN, LD/N is the founder and President of Brandywine Total Health Care, Inc. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY. He is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College. His practice has grown and expanded in scope over the years. He believes in the innate healing power of the body. The structure and condition of the body influences how the body functions.

In his chiropractic practice, he utilizes Diversified, Meirs Directional Non-Force Technique, Activator, BEST, and Flexion Distraction. Dr. Feeney treats all ages from infants to senior citizens.

Dr. Feeney became board certified in nutrition by the American Clinical Board of Nutrition in 1986. He is the immediate past president of the ACA Council on Nutrition. In 1994, Dr. Feeney became a Certified Clinical Nutritionist with the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists. He offers nutritional counseling and evaluation as a separate service.

He is passionate about treating the whole person by combine his chiropractic skills with his expansive knowledge of nutrition to enhance healing. He has published numerous articles in Nutritional Perspectives, ACA News, and Chiropractic Economics. Dr. Feeney has lectured at Parker School of Professional Success, The Delaware Conference on Alternative Medicine, IAACN, and ACA National Chiropractic Legislative Conference.

In his free time, Dr. Feeney is a volunteer sailor on the Kalmar Nyckel in Wilmington, a tenor in the choir at St. Joseph’s on the Brandywine, and he loves to garden and share his beautiful flowers with his patients.

Office Staff

You will be warmly greeted by Joyce. She is at the front desk most of the time handling paperwork for patients, making appointments and answering questions.

We also have our office mascot, Noel, who is Dr. Feeney’s dog. She is a rescue from Texas and loves to be petted – but please sit down first. If you are not a dog lover, let us know and we will escort Noel to her back office.